Fronius TransSteel 2200c Quick Manual

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TransSteel 2200c
Quick Guide to synergic welding
Before working with the device, ensure that you have read and understood all the documents provided in hard copy and online.
This document does not describe all the functions of the device. For a complete description of the device, refer to the Operating Instructions.
Set the synergic welding process
When setting a welding power parameter, the
remaining parameters are set automatically
MMA welding
TIG welding
The welding power parameters can be adju-
sted individually
Set the welding power
Sheet thickness
Welding current
Wire speed
select desired parameter
set desired parameter
Set the filler metal and shielding gas
1 .
2 .
Adjust the parameters for correction
Arc length correction
Welding voltage
Arc-force dynamic
select desired parameter
set desired parameter
Set the operating mode
2-step mode: short weld seams, tacking work
4-step mode: longer weld seams, high level of
Special 4-step mode: additional settings for star-
ting and final current
3 .
Spot welding: for overlapping sheets / stitch
welding: light-gauge sheet welding and air-gap
Optimise welding results
1. Measure the welding circuit resistance r
2. Set the mains fuse so that the device switches off
before the mains fuse trips.
The description of the aforementioned measures can be
found in the Operating Instructions of the power source
Operating Instructions: